Nina’s Game Changing Vegan Butter (with Aquafaba)

vegansk smør

So, vegan aquafaba butter.

(Link to Danish version)

I’m writing this blog post in English, so I can share it with first and foremost, my experimenting fellow aquafabians over at the facebookgroup Vegan Meringue – Hits and misses. This is where we share our aquafaba (bean juice) related experiences and I highly recommend this community to anyone who’s curious about the wonders of aquafaba – the biggest miracle of vegan cooking ever (?).

What is aquafaba?

Aquafaba is the name given to bean juice in general. And by bean juice I mean the thick water you normally pour down the drain when emptying a can of beans. It turns out this bean juice has amazing properties in the kitchen mainly as an egg replacer. I mainly use homemade aquafaba from when we cook chickpeas, but other beans will work as well. I haven’t tried other beans myself though, so for now I’ll just recommend chickpea water. If you haven’t been there yet, go to the Facebook group that I linked to above and you’ll discover a brand new world of vegan cooking. It is beautiful – I promise.

My latest aquafaba hit is butter. I havent seen anyone else making it, but it’s actually very easy. And that’s not the only reason it’s a game changer, it’s also vegan, it’s quick, it’s no-special-ingredients aquafaba butter.
It’s partially inspired by peanutbutter and vegans aquafaba Mayo recipe where she emulsifies the aquafaba with oils. But instead of (liquid) oils I primarily use saturated fat from coconut, aka coconut oil, in order for it to solidify when chilled. I do add some unsaturated oil as well for a softer consistency, and some golden color. It works like a charm and I’ve been dying to share the recipe (which has been quit the struggle, since our computer broke down so I had to do all editing on a 5 year old micro computer which is slower than a herd of turtles and I’m sure I’ve grown at least a handfull of gray hairs from things like waiting 20 seconds for a reaction everytime I close a window. And can you imagine editing photos with technology just short of smoke signals? I don’t recommend it)

Simple Vegan Aquafaba ButterWell now you have it! It only takes about a minute to whip together this lovely vegan butter and then some time in the fridge to solidify. Be sure to drizzle in the oil REALLY slowly and blend it in as soon as it hits the aquafaba. So: No visible oil in the aquafaba at any time, aight? This makes for the best consistancy of the butter (=less flaky). You want it to be like blobby mayonaise when all oil has ben added.

I’m not a big fan of oil myself, but I like to offer my daughter a buttery spread on her ‘rugbrødsmadder’ (the most danish of foods, which is best described as ‘an open sandwich on dark sour dough rye bread’). She tested a version I made with olive- and coconut oil and she loved it!
Vegan Aquafaba Butter

How do I get my aquafaba butter yellow?

The easiest way is to use a yellowish, almost orange oil for the liquid oil. I use cold pressed organic rapeseed and it has a lovely deep yellow color that will make you aquafaba butter look very buttery to the color. If your oil is not yellow enough, try to add just a pich of turmeric powder to the aquafaba and that should do the trick.

What oils should I use?

For the firm oil, you can choose between two: Either any brand of virgin coconut oil, which will leave some coconut flavour in your final butter or an odourless coconut oil which gives you the super buttery taste. I absolutely recommend you go for a higher quality oil or you might end up with something tasting more similair to margarine.

For the liquid oil I recommed you find a cold pressed rapeseed oil, which will give you a good flavor and a perfect colour. But canola, sunflower and others will work as well. Just note that whatever taste they have will be detectable in the final butter.

EDIT: My peeps over at the aquafaba Facebook group started calling it Nina’s butter, which I was very flattered by, and then I sort of slided my own name into the name of the recipe. So you wanna make my day? Well go ahead and just refer to this as Nina’s vegan butter – my proud heart skips a beat every time someone does that 😉

On top of that: Washington Post, recently published my butter recipe! I’m so proud, check it out here.

Excuse the Danish words popping up here and there, I’m not all equipped for posting English recipes, yet but this one couldn’t wait 😉

4.9 from 19 reviews
Nina's Vegan Aquafaba Butter
Tid ialt
Simple vegan butter with no special ingredients. If you sterilize your utensils with boiling water first, you prolong the shelf life of the butter - which should be about 7 days (except first time you make it, then it will be around 5 minutes from taking the first bite). You want the aquafaba to be slightly chilled and the oil to be around room temperature when you mix them.
Giver: ½ C
  • 3 tbs (45 ml) aquafaba (yes, it's chickpea water)
  • 1/3 C + 1 tbs (1 dl) Solid coconut oil (I prefer virgin coconut oil but you can taste the coconut. Odourless coconut oil will make it VERY buttery)
  • 1tbs + 1tsp (20 ml) cold pressed rapeseed oil, canola or olive oil or a similar oil that you like the taste of. Or try a blend!
  • 2/3 tsp Apple cider vinegar or freshly squeezed lemon juice (or if you have, ⅛ tsp of lactic acid)
  • 1/3 tsp salt
  1. Let the coconut oil melt gently until it's almost all liquid. Remove the pan from the heat and let the rest melt. Add your rapeseed or other preferred oil. Let the oil mixture cool to room temperature.
  2. Pour the (just under room temperature cold) aquafaba in a narrow container with the salt and vinegar. Start blending it with an immersion blender/stick blender.
  3. With the blender running, slowly pour the oils in, all while making sure all oil thoroughly incorporated before you add more. It should take a couple of minutes to add all the oil and achieve a thick mayo like consistancy. (If you live in a hot area I suggest you place the container on a bag of frozen peas when pouring in the oil, to help the process along)
  4. IF you taste test it, know that it will taste pretty salty and tangy. This will be numbed a bit when it has chilled and remember, that you normally eat butter WITH something and not on it's own (right?) so it will be easier to make final judgements when spreading it on toast...mmm...
  5. Pour it in a suitable container - DO NOT COVER IT - and put it in the fridge (or maybe a short while in freezer if you're in a hurry). It will take some hours for the butter to solidify, I recommend leaving it one night in the fridge.

    Store it in the fridge, especially if you live in a hot area. Depending on what blend of oils you used (unrefined coconut is softer then the refined one) you should be able to spread it directly from the fridge. Leave it on the counter for 15 minutes to make it even softer.
- It is very important to not cover the butter while it solidifies. If you want you can put a clean piece of cloth over it, but do NOT put it in an air tight container (or it might take forever to reach solid, buttery state). Once solid, cover it as much as you like.
Note that when you spread it it will look a little flaky (in the truest sense if the word). Don't worry it will still feel velvety soft while melting on you tounge! And if you wipe it once or twice with your knife while buttering, it will loose the flaky look.
- I prefer to use cold pressed rapeseed oil, since it adds a buttery taste to the butter. But just be aware, that the oils will add flavor to the final butter.
- When taken from the fridge and warming up a bit, the butter might shed some drops of aquafaba. No biggie, It's just, I don't want you to feel awkward - mine does it to. Ignore them or gently remove them with papertowel.
- Electric beaters might work as well, I'll add my experiences when I've tried :) If you only have a foodprocessor, it needs to be tiny in order to work. A blender might work too (but don't go full speed in a VitaMix, ok?) just prepare for some serious scraping when trying to get all the butter out.

Now have fun with it! Like this vegan butter platter that I made for a potluck. I used these moulds for the parsley butter, and these for the neutral, heart shaped butter (I normally use them for making pretty banana ice cream popsicles). The rest are variuos moulds I’ve picked up at flea markets :)
Vegan butter platterClockwise from the top: Parsley butter (mix in chopped parsley), chocolate butter (leave out the acid, add cocoa powder and sweetener or simply melted chocolate), heart shaped ‘just butter’ decorated with edible wild pansy, dill/garlic butter (add minced garlic and dip in dried dill when solid – VERY popular), lavender butter (make an aquafaba-infusion with fresh lavender flowers for taste and some blueberries for color). If the butter wont solidify in the moulds in the fridge, put it in the freezer until it just hardens (20-40 minutes.)
Aquafaba butter

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by :)

The post contains afiliate links. No extra cost for you and a small commision for me :)


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  1. Angie says

    Perfect result first time. I used chickpea juice and lactic acid, along side odourless coconut oil, cold pressed rapeseed oil and salt. It set quickly and tastes fantastic. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I will soon be making a bigger batch for my friends to try. Can’t wait to see their faces.

    • NinaNina says

      Hi Angie :) Thanks for the feedback. I hope the bigger batch goes well, I’m pretty sure there’s an upper limit to how big a batch you can emulsify with a regular stick blender but as long as you don’t go to town you shoukd be fine :) I think I’ve seen people do at leasts 3 batches at once.
      Let me know how it goes :)
      All the best

  2. Sarah says


    I love your recipe for vegan butter. But I cannot consume oils. Can you please make a vegan butter without oils? :)

    • NinaNina says

      I think the thing you’re looking for is nonexistent :) If it’ needs to be buttery it needs to be very high fat content and thereby containing oils. Sorry :/
      Best regards

    • NinaNina says

      It IS wonderful! 😀 Shelf life depends on different factors: How old was the aquafaba used, how clean have you been with your ‘tools’ (scolding them beforehand helps). Ive seen people keep it up to 10 days in the fridge. So anywhere between 3-10 days I’d say :)
      Best regards

  3. says

    Wow! This butter really IS game changing! Butter’s been one of the very last things that have kept my family from eating 100% plant based, because of our reluctance to eating heavily processed veggie margarine. Trying this one makes quitting dairy butter feel very doable! It was super easy to put together: I used our food processor with a whipping attachment, doubled the salt to fit our taste and cut the vinegar to half. It came out beautifully! Thank you so much!

  4. Abbi says

    How exciting. I’m going dairy-free for health reasons and butter is one of the things I miss, but so far this tastes very much like the real thing (my mix is currently chilling in the fridge).

    I think I can see why some people have had a problem with theirs setting though. Where you list coconut oil as 1/3 cup + 1tbspn (1dl), many readers will be using American cups, which are smaller than European/metric and the term ‘1dl’ might look unfamiliar so they’re not using enough to get a set. Perhaps if you rewrite it as 100ml it might make it clearer :-)

    • NinaNina says

      Thanks :) I was actually assuming that those who use cups, ignore the ‘dl’ or ‘ml’ so I’m not sure what you mean about mixing the metrics and the cups… But since I’m writing the other metrics in ml, I’ll just change it to ml as well.
      Best regards!

  5. Johanne Rosenthal says

    I finally made you lovely butter recipe. It was a comedy of errors, as I was interrupted half way through because my husband had a business call and the immersion blender was too loud. I stopped the process and restarted 5 minutes later. Even with all that the butter turned out wonderfully and the family has been eating it on matzo, So thank you for a truly fool proof recipe.

  6. Michelle says

    I made this today and used it to make crust for a savory pie. I used to use straight butter in my crusts and haven’t been able to recreate the flakiness it creates since going vegan – until today! This was perfect! Thanks!

    • NinaNina says

      Thanks so much for your input! Would you mind sharing more detailed how you used the butter? Was it hard from the fridge or spreadable before you incorporated it with the flour? I’ll definetly add this in the post since a lot of peolpe are asking how it can be used in baking and I don’t bake very often myself :)
      Thanks in advance.
      Best Nina

  7. Katharina says

    Hi Nina! I love your recipe, I’ve made it twice now and the aquafaba has worked really well as an emulsifier. We’re however so used to the taste and texture of margarine that I was wondering whether by reducing the amount of coconut oil and omitting the vinegar you could achieve a more margarine-like, soft spread that is more neutral in taste? I’ve found that the vinegar does provide some of the flavour found in butter made from sour cream but makes the end result very different from margarine. Any ideas?

    • NinaNina says

      Who would have thought you could miss the taste of margerine 😉 You need some acid for the emulsification to take place, so maybe just try and cut the amount of lemon juice a bit? The softer consistancy could be achieved by either using more liquid (neutral tasting) oil and a little less coconut oil. Or simply cover the container airtgight when it reaches desired consistency.
      Best Nina

  8. says

    I’m looking forward to trying this. I have a few questions:
    How long will it keep in the fridge?
    Does it melt like butter and can it be used in place of melted butter in recipes?
    Thanks so much!!

    • NinaNina says

      It will melt a lot like butter on say toast. I’ve heard several people have succes with using it in baking recipes, but i don’t have a lot of experience with using it as melted butter myself, so you’ll have to do a little experimenting there :)

  9. Kristen says

    This vegan butter is amazing! My first try didn’t work so well, but I think my coconut oil wasn’t the right temperature. My second try was an overwhelming success!! It tastes wonderful. I’ve also used it, mixed with vegetable shortening, for making chocolate frosting for a vegan chocolate cake and it worked perfectly. I am so excited to make it again since my whole batch went into the frosting. Thanks for a great recipe!

  10. Melanie Wicks says

    I haven’t made this yet, but I think your photo of the Vegan Butter Platter is really creative and one of the most beautiful food photos I’ve ever seen.

    • Melanie Wicks says

      I just made this, and I am just so impressed at how easy it was to make, and how brilliantly t turned out.
      I used aquafaba from a tin of white beans, extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil (very high quality), and I went for the apple cider vinegar option, and the salt of course. I thought people might be interested to know that I made it in a small blender of the type where you can’t pour things in while the blender is running. I had to add the oil one tablespoon at a time, switching the blender off and removing the lid each time. Even so, it combined so easily and so well. It didn’t take hours to set either. I put it in the freezer just for a few minutes and then into the fridge. It was set in minutes. It has a really nice pale yellow colour, and it melts on toast just like butter does, leaving a few delicious unmelty bits. This is worlds away from any commercial non=dairy spread I have tried, although my options for this are limited as I am living in rural Greece. I can’t wait to try it with an odourless coconut oil, as I think that will be even better. Thank you very much for developing this recipe.

      • NinaNina says

        Sounds really good, I’m glad you enjoy the recipe. I can imagine rural greece isn’t the easiest place to find vegan options :)

  11. says

    Thanks so much. My picky 5 year old loves Earth Balance and has to have it on everything. On first bite (and aftEric many more bites) he said this is better … we don’t need Earth Balance any more. Wow… that made me feel good. Looking forward to some flavoring experiments. Awesome!

  12. Kristen says

    I usually cook my own chickpeas from dried beans in my slow cooker. Do you think it would work to use the water from here? I suppose the ratio of water to chickpeas would probably matter, do you have any information on this? Looks amazing!

  13. Melissa says

    I’ve made this twice and disliked the texture both times. The taste was fine. The first time I realized I didn’t make it as directed (I just threw everything in a jar and whirled it together) so I gave it another shot. The second time I followed the directions carefully and it was worse. The butter crumbled, shredded when spread and wouldn’t stick to my bread. I have no idea if this is something I’m doing or not doing. I have returned to my old butter recipe which is just as easy and tasty but can be spread on cold bread. I heard this makes great pie crust, though, and may make it again in the future for that use.

    • NinaNina says

      Okay :) I’m sorry you feel you wasted your time. What recipe are you using? I’m curious because you say it’s just as easy :) Thanks in advance and have a lovely day.

  14. Susie says

    OMG I just made it and it tastes amaaaaaazing!
    I was looking for homemade vegan butter recipe since it is hard to get one where I live… and all the other ones I came across were either too complicated or had some kinda ingredients not available in my country! But this, this recipe came out great despite my lacking cooking skills. Thank you so much!

  15. Linda says

    Jag undrar om du eller någon annan, har testat att använda aquafaba från någon annan böna än kikärtor? Jag gör egen tofu och får då mycket sojavassle över. Reducerar den och använder på samma sätt som kikärts aquafaba i mycket bakning.

  16. Jackie says

    Thanks for this genius recipe! I made a batch last night based on the version on the Washington Post website, and it reached a thin mayo-like consistency, but the butter didn’t really firm up overnight. Do you think it would work to try adding a bit more melted coconut oil and re-blending it? Also, has anyone tried putting this directly into the freezer instead of letting if solidify in the fridge? Thanks in advanced for your input :)

    • NinaNina says

      Sometimes that happens and I can’t quite figure out what is the determening factor. You can put it directly in the freezer I think, but you need to take it out before it reaches freezing temperature or the aquafaba might crystalize and mess up things. Haven’t ried leaving it there though so it’s mainly a theory I have and it might not be a problem 😉

  17. Stephanie Lushman says

    Nina, I accidentally bought kidney beans in tomato and chili sauce, but decided to try and make your fab butter with the aquafaba anyway – I just HAD to let you and others know about great success I had with the final product!
    Savoury, meltable, delicious! I really thought the extra stuff (i.e. not just water) would mess it up, but it really just changed the flavour! Highly recommended!
    Thanks again for your great game-changing (the name doesn’t lie!) butter! :)

    • NinaNina says

      That is a great tip! thanks for sharing it here as well :) I can’t wait to accidentally buy chili flavored kidney beans 😉

  18. gaye says

    Thank you for your recipe. Its solidifying in the fridge now. I used refined coconut oil and grape seed oil. I used annato seed and a tiny tiny pinch of paprika to color.. Awesome!

    • NinaNina says

      You’re welcome :) And thanks for telling me about anatto seeds, I hadn’t heard of those before :)

  19. Tara says

    Hello! I’m excited to try this out this weekend. Have you tried using this is in a baked recipe that calls for butter, i.e cookies or cake? Is it safe to melt for sauteeing food or used in baked goods?
    Thank you!

    • NinaNina says

      Hi Tara :) I have seen others use it for baked goods with succes. Especially in pie crust, the flaky consistancy seems to be an advantage. To get more info on this go to the facebook group Vegan Meringue – Hits and misses.
      I have tried sauteeing som vegetables in it, it added a very nice flavor although the taste of the cold pressed rapeseed oil I used was very much enhanced when heated. It also did spray/squirt (orry, don’t know the English term…) so be carefull and don’t wait untill the skillet is very hot before you add whatever you’re frying :)
      Best of luck :)

  20. Tara says

    Hello! Thank you for this awesome recipe, I will be attempting to test it out sometime in the next few days… can I use this recipe to bake with when a recipe requires butter/earth balance? What about when a recipe requires melting butter? Thanks!

    • NinaNina says

      In some recipes you’ll be able to use it and others might not work, sorry I can’t be more specific :/ You’ll get a lot of the same qualities and taste from aquafaba butter but agaiun succes will vary from recipe to recipe. Please report back so others can benefit from your experience :)

  21. says

    Hi Nina,
    Got your recipe from the Vegan Meringue FB group.
    Merci beaucoup for sharing.
    I am wondering…Do you think one can make their own homemade lactic acid?
    Take care.

    • NinaNina says

      Interesting thought, I have to admit I have no idea. I think it is a rahter complicated process. I mean culturing lactic acid in some form is rather easy, but you normally do it in sour bread, sauerkraut and naturally fermented stuff, but that doesn’t give you the pure and concentrated product as when you buy it :)
      Best regards

  22. Thez says

    Wow, this is a game changer! Thank you so much for sharing this. I tried making it yesterday, and although it didn’t get to the ‘mayo’ consistency, and is still runny today, it tastes (aqua)fabulous! Not sure what I did wrong, but I’m going to keep trying. Any tips?

    • NinaNina says

      Sommetimes it wil firm up if you leave it (uncovered) even longer, but to be honest, it has a will of its own 😉 It might have been that the aquafaba and/or oil was too warm, or tat you poured in the oil too fast. Other then that only aquafaba knows :)

    • NinaNina says

      I have seen someone make vegan buttercream with it (I think it was this recipe). But my butter has a bit of a temper and might act out when whisked while cold. So you’d have to experiment a bit with this. Please report back :)
      Kind regards

  23. Caroline says

    Wow! I’m learning new things everyday. I try to stay away from oils and fats but this is great for those little moments when I need them.

    • NinaNina says

      Exactly, no need to eat it everyday 😉 And on the other hand if people are used to eating Earth Balance everyday, I say this is a better choice :)

  24. cornelia says

    thanks you so much from me and my vegan family in south africa, I can now make my vegan children nice sandwiches for school without having to use the terrible plastic tasting stuff they call margarine here. You don’t understand how happy I am to have found this, I will try the AF mayo right now!!!

    • NinaNina says

      You’re welcome. It’s so nice to hear from people all over the world :) Greetings to South Africa!

  25. Michelle Betty says

    VEGAN MIRACLE BUTTER! I have been making this steadily since it was first posted and no longer buy Earth Balance – it has a true dairy butter taste and texture, compared to the oily or waxy taste of margarine. I’ve been tripling the recipe to make a batch, it lasts easily 10 days, I add one extra tbsp of Canola oil to the 3X recipe and this keeps it very spreadable from the fridge, not as flaky. I also use just 1/4 tsp lactic acid powder to the tripled recipe so it has less of a tangy flavour and matches closely to Earth Balance. But it’s truly the BEST AF creation I’ve made so far, thank you Nina! Huge game changer!!

    • NinaNina says

      Yay, thanks so much for the review! Very helpfull indeed, especially with all the people asking me how it compares to EARTH BALANCE. I wouldn’t know since I haven’t tasted it, so thanks for the insight :)

  26. says

    Vi kaller aquafaba ‘brine’ på engelsk i Storbritannia. Jeg har laget ditt smør uten ‘aquafaba’ fra ditt annet oppskrift, som var på dansk. Det var helt deilig og smakfullt. Jeg er medlem av ei vegansk gruppe på Facebook og delte linken med medlemma der, men jeg måtte oversette til engelsk. Det er mye bedre enn smør fra butikkene, det!

    Tusen hjertelig takk!

    • NinaNina says

      Hei Heather :) Tak skal du have. Ja jeg kender godt betegnelsen ‘brine’, men ordet ‘aquafaba’ blev opfundet for at give det et lidt mere specielt navn, nu hvor dets magiske evner blev opdaget. Folk syntes ikke at bean juice eller brine lød så sexet i madlavningen 😉 Er det gruppen Hva slags Veganmat lager du i dag? Den er jeg også medlem af. Nu kan du jo evt. dele denne opskrift for den er jo allerede oversat.
      Vh Nina

      • says

        Ja Nina, du har det rett, det er litt mer spesielt men også litt forvirret i det første. Men ja, brine er jo ikke sexy når som helst! 😛 Om dets magiske egenskaper visste jeg ingenting! Jeg lærte mye fra innlegget diit i dag! Jeg oppdaget bloggen din for flere uker siden. Jeg trodde jeg leste norsk i det første. Jeg gjorde ikke merke at det var dansk – jeg lærer norsk – Jeg leste omtrent halv av innlegget da skjønte jeg det! Det er

        Nei, gruppa er ei litt gruppe som kalles’Vegan Aberdeen’, men et annet medlem i gruppa delte dette oppskriftet. Det var litt morsomt og rart at vi begge to delte den samme bloggen men forskjellige innlegger og begge to om smør! 😀 Jeg skal sjekke ut gruppa du er medlem av.

        Vh Heather

  27. tim says

    the lemon juice adds flavot, but it also helps with emulsifying. probably breaks up the bran protein a bit to help allow it to combine with the oils.

    • NinaNina says

      Hi Tim, yes I was thinking the same thing, but I actually made the butter once with a much weaker acid (the lactic acid), and it still emulsified, so I’m not sure it’s totally necessary for the emulsion :)

  28. Carole Powell says

    WOW! Just wow! Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. It was a great success.

    I have used some of the butter to make the Butterscotch Gelato, recipe on the Vegan Meringue – Hits and Misses Facebook page. At the moment it is caramel sauce chilling in the fridge, but if the gelato fails I know your butter can help make successful caramel sauce :-)

  29. Sara says

    Well done is an understatement!!! How fantastic! You just saved me a lot of money!! Also Earth Balance adds annotto for color and that has been linked to behavioral problems in kids on the autism spectrum! Your recipe is very helpful!!!!

  30. Kathy says

    Hi Nina! I got this page from the online aquafaba group, and wondering… for the lactic acid, I’m guessing you mean the liquid and not the powder form? (As it is an option for other liquid.) I have both lol!! Thanks!

    • NinaNina says

      I’ve only tried the liquid version myself, but being pretty sure the powder would work as well, I didn’t specify :)

  31. Peter says

    Looks really interesting.
    Not rinsing chickpeas properly gives a lot of people gas.
    I wonder if that is the case with AQUAFABA?

    • NinaNina says

      You could ask people in the aquafaba forum :) Getting rid of the soaking water from the beans helps reduce the bloating in some people and also note that you eat very small quantities of aquafaba at a time :)

  32. says

    NINA! I just made a truffle oil and herb adaption of this amazing butter. Do you mind if I share the recipe on my blog with a link back to this post and credit to you as the author?

    Aquafabaians unite,
    Lacey Siomo

    • NinaNina says

      Thanks for the review, it’s really helpful. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who finds this recipe totally rad! Yay for linking back to this one.

  33. Rebecca August says

    This is brilliant, Nina! Much easier and more accessible than the other do-it-yourself vegan butters I’ve tried, and tastes better, too! Well done! Bye bye Earth Balance :-)

    • NinaNina says

      Yay, thanks for stopping by, Rebecca, I’m glad you (tried and) liked it :) I’ve never tried any of the more advanced vegan butters so it’s nice to hear that my recipe can compete with them :)
      <3 Nina

    • NinaNina says

      Yes, if you don’t use an oil that’s fairly yellow to the color,(like the cold pressed rapeseed oil) you could add a pinch of turmeric while blending :)

  34. kiwi says

    Hi. I made this and it stayed in liquid form even after more than 24 hours in the refrigerator. Any ideas what I did wrong? The air temperature is around only 12 degrees Celsius so it definitely wasn’t the heat. Thanks.

    • NinaNina says

      Hi :) Is the coconut oil you are using solid? Can you tell me what amounts of aquafaba and oils you were using? Is the final product an even color or does it look like it separated? Thanks, I will try to help you :)

  35. Mary says

    Wow!!! Ty so much! Can’t wait to try this!!!
    (& no need to apologize for your English, directions are very clear & helpful!!!) 😀

  36. says

    Hi Nina, congratulations on creating such a wonderful recipe! Would you be willing to let us translate it into Spanish to publish in our free monthly publication here in Puerto Rico? I’d love our readers to be able to enjoy this great alternative to dairy butter. We always cite who the author and/or photographer is and link back to their site. Your recipe would look something like this:

  37. Laura says

    Had my husband taste of this side-by-side with Earth balance butter and he could not distinguish much difference. I would say that’s pretty successful

    • NinaNina says

      Thanks for that review! I’ve never tasted Earth Balance myself but I do find, that this recipe tastes A LOT like the butter I remember from pre-vegan days :)

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