Chocolate coated Marshmallow Treats
Cuisine: Vegan, gluten free, soy free, dairy free
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Giver: 15-20
Probably the worlds first 'real' vegan Tunnock's tea cakes (or Krembo, Skumbollar, Mums mums depending of what language you speak). They are made with a marzipan bottom, but you can make it with other bottoms as well. Filled with yummy, gooey fluff and covered in dark crispy chocolate. The tea cakes are about 3 inches wide and a couple of inches high. A stand mixer is highly recommended (the pictured ones are made with a handmixer)
  • 7 oz (200 gr) marzipan maybe 10 oz if you are making the bottoms wider
  • 1/3 cup (75 grams) of aquafaba - you need it thick, so start by reducing about 1/2 cup or more)
  • 1/5 tsp cream of tartar alternatively 1,5 tsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice might work
  • 2/3 cup (150 gr) sugar I used a light brown and granulated canesugar, fluff still went white.
  • 3 tbs (50 ml) water
  • 7 oz (200 gr) dark chokolate chips or finely chopped chocolate
  1. Roll out the marzipan to around 1/6 of an inch (4 mm) and cut out the size you want using a cookie cutter or glass.
  2. Bake them untill lightly browned edges - about 7 minutes on 300F/150C. Let them cool cpmpletely on the baking tray. If you want to chocolate coat the bottoms, put 1-2 pieces of chocolate in a oven safe bowl and let it melt for a couple of minutes in the oven after ýou turn it off. Use this to cover the bottoms (optional)MAKE THE FLUFF
  3. Make sure your bowls and utensils are clean, dry and have no soap residue. These things can prevent the fluff from getting stiff. Use a glass or metal bowl and wipe it with plain old white vinegar just to be sure. Put the aquafaba in a bowl with the cream of tartar and whip untill stiff and then add a teaspoon of sugar. Whip it for another 10-15 minutes depending on your equipment. It should get very firm, so firm you can almost slice it.
  4. Bring the sugar and water to a gentle boil. If you have a thermometer let it boil untill it reaches 242F/117C. If you don't own a thermometer, let it boil for exactly 2 minutes, don't stir it more than a couple of times, or it might re-crystalize. You should get a clear syrup from this.
  5. Place the bowl of whipped aquafaba on a bag of frozen peas or the like to help it coll. While whipping it, slowly pour in the hot syrup until fully incorporated. Now whip for about 10-15 minutes untill it gets cold, rather stiff and feels heavy. STOP! It should be almost cutable consistancy by nowPIPE THE FLUFF ONTO THE BOTTOMS immediately after it's done
  6. Here comes the fun part! Fold the sides of a spritzing bag (I just used a regular freezing bag) almost all the way down and scoop in the fluff. Use a big star tip for better structure. Avoid getting too much air into the mix. Pull up the sides and if using a regular freezing bag cut a hole at the end that will be around 1/4 of an inch (12 mm) wide. Make it as round as possible as this will make it easier to apply the fluff. Make sure not to heat the mix with the heat from your hands.
  7. Hold the bag vertically over the middle of the middle of the bottom and cirkle your way out but don't go all the way to the edge (the weight of the fluff will push it out there). Now spiral upwards making gradually smaller layerers on top of the previous. Aim for about 2,5 inches (6 cm) in height.
  8. Let them dry at room temperature or a little colder to 'harden' the surface for about 1 hour before you coat. If the fluff is pretty soft you might want to put them in the freezer to help maintain their shape. While you wait, prepare for melting the chocolate and try to time it, so it will be ready for the coating.COAT WITH MELTED CHOCOLATE
  9. Melt the chocolate gently Baine Marie so it will harden up to a crackable consistency afterwards. I suggest only melting half of it at a time. So if you overheat it or spill water in it only half the batch will be ruined. Hold one tea cake on a fork over the bowl of melted chocolate and gently cover all parts of fluff (leaving parts uncovered will make it prone to deflating and separating). Let it drip while counting to 10 and put it back on the lined baking tray to set.
  10. The consistency of the fluff seems to get better after it sets, so you might want to leave a couple of tea cakes at room temperature untill next day and be in for an even greater treat! (Yeah I know, good luck with leaving them alone...)
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